Building and Christening the “Jaime Lee”, Last Salute’s Memorial Civil War Cannon

Christening the “Jaime Lee” with a special bottle of beer made by our friends at Backward Flag Brewing

After months of research, parts ordering, blueprint study, historical documentary viewing, welding, sanding, painting, sawing, filing, assembling and testing, the “Jaime Lee” a Mountain Howitzer 12 pounder Civil War cannon is complete.

The christening date of July 4, 2016 was met but it came down to the wire with final completion tasks finished on July 3rd.  The cannon was officially christened at 7am at the Absecon VFW on July 4th.

Our friends at Backward Flag Brewing in Lacey Township NJ made a special bottle of beer just for the christening.  Backward Flag is owned by combat veterans and does a lot to support veterans.

Immediately following the christening, the cannon was transported to Smithville to take the lead in the Galloway 4th of July Parade along with the “Last Salute” Honor Guard.

After the parade, the cannon was fired by Galloway Township’s Police Chief, Donna Higbee.

The “Jaime Lee” roars as it’s fired by Police Chief Donna Higbee in front of the Smithville Inn on July 4th

Building the new cannon artillery carriage was an amazing experience. Knowing what the cannon was to be used for made the entire process more meaningful. It required a great deal more work and research than originally anticipated but it was absolutely worth all the effort. Please check out some photos from the build below.

Click here to see some of the heroes that have fired our cannon

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