Last Salute Provides Services For Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

Last Salute is an all volunteer all veteran full service Military Funeral Honor Guard serving Atlantic County New Jersey.  Last Salute provides FREE military funeral honors ceremonies for active and veteran military personnel from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Last Salute conducts well over 100 ceremonies a year and is a 501(C)3 W-30 Veterans Service Organization.

Last Salute is not funded by any government agency or the military and relies solely upon donations to conduct these professional and elaborate ceremony services.

Last Salute is the Official Military Funeral Honor Guard of Galloway Twp., Atlantic City, Tuckerton, Brigantine, Folsom and Beuna but does not receive any funding from those entities.

Last Salute is a dedicated group of all volunteer military veterans committed to providing our fallen brothers and sisters with dignified and appropriate final services.

Our mission is to honor the fallen and comfort their families. It is in their memory that we conduct these final honors. Last Salute focuses its ceremonial honors with deep respect for our fallen brethren and their service. All aspects and details of our ceremonies are a humble tribute to the honorable service of those we honor. Just as the “Tomb Guard” at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier in Arlington wears no rank so that no guard outranks those they honor, Last Salute’s Sgt. at Arms wears no ribbons or medals in deference to the distinctions awarded the fallen.

The Last Salute Award Winning Honor Guard can provide:

  • Military Transport “Caisson” for the flag draped casket
Last Salute’s fully up armored Humvee and gun carriage transporting a flag draped casket from the battleship “New Jersey”

  • Cannon Salute (single volley)
Last Salute’s cannon the “Jaime Lee” firing in honor of a fallen hero.

Last Salute’s cannon has been fired by Medal of Honor recipients and many dignitaries. See a list HERE

  • Memorial Bell (tolled 3 times)
Last Salute’s memorial bell was christened by a Navy Chaplain and its tower is decorated with wood taken from a church which was taken down years ago.

  • Rifle Salute (3 volleys)
Last Salute uses WW2 30 caliber M1 Garands to honor our fallen

  • Taps

  • Flag folding and presentation

  • Memorial Prayer Box

The most memorable and moving part of a Last Salute funeral ceremony is when a family member places a prayer card or photo of their loved one in our memorial prayer box. Our memorial prayer box is always with us and honored everywhere we go.

Last Salute Military Funeral Honor Guard Southern NJ performs at Atlantic City 9/11 Memorial

Read more about our Memorial Prayer Box HERE

Other ceremony services such as casket guard, rifle escort at cemetery or special requests, will be considered and honored upon availability of necessary personal as well as other conditions.

All services by Last Salute require approval. Requests must include a valid legible DD-214 (separation from military service, discharge papers).

Requests must be made by funeral director or immediate family member with authority to make funeral arrangements.