Last Salute’s mission is to conduct highly professional and profound military funeral honors ceremonies for military members and veterans commensurate with their service to our great nation.


Last Salute military funeral honor guard is an all veteran all volunteer 501C3 veterans services organization established to provide a more profound final ceremonial tribute honoring the nobility and commitment of military service.  These services are dignified, professional and performed to a standard which families expect and service members deserve.

Last Salute ceremonies include “dignified transfer” of remains by military transport to the final resting place, an artillery salute of a single volley fired from a Civil War cannon, the tolling of a large memorial bell three times, a three volley rifle salute, the rendering of Taps, the folding and presentation of a memorial flag.

In addition, each ceremony includes the ritual of memorializing the fallen by entering their prayer card or image into Last Salute’s Memorial Prayer Box.  A family member places their loved one inside the box thereby making them a permanent member of the honor guard, traveling with us everywhere we go and overwatching everything we do.

Last Salute’s elaborate ceremonies and professionalism have resulted in many requests by military units for Last Salute to conduct services including services on military installations. 

Last Salute is honored by the support of many Medal of Honor recipients who have fired Last Salute’s cannons, held and honored the Memorial Prayer Box and signed the interiors of Last Salute’s military vehicles to unite in honoring the fallen.  Last Salute was the only veterans organization included in rendering honors with the United States Marine Corps for the last World War II Medal of Honor recipient, Hershel “Woody” Williams.

Last Salute’s cannons have been fired to honor the fallen by Medal of Honor recipients, Congressmen, Senators, Mayors, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, many military officers and commanders and the Attorney General of The United States.

Last Salute does not charge for its services and relies solely upon donations to continue its important mission of honoring the fallen, comforting the families and perpetuating the values of military service to society.

5 Medal of Honor recipients hold and honor those in Last Salute’s Memorial Prayer Box including World War Two’s last Medal of Honor recipient, Hershel “Woody” Williams (center) who was placed in the Prayer Box when he passed.

May the gates of heaven open wide and the protecting Saint of warriors, the archangel Michael, take hold of our fallen brethren and raise this guardian’s soul to paradise. May he wash away the sin and shield against evil, for this fallen defender of a nation and its people, has known sacrifice in service of others. Raise your sword and ascend to the safety and peace above us. Relieve this soul of burden and be blesséd upon it. Favor this soul whilst we present honor. Enshroud this noble warrior from darkness and hasten to everlasting light.
Ever be righteously vigilant, as we render, our “Last Salute”

Copyright Charles Knutson