4 thoughts on “Vito Sherma”

  1. We’re sorry we didn’t know but looks like a truly honoring service for a great man. Our condolences to everyone he touched who no doubt right now have sorrow in their hearts. Let the great memories take the sorrow place soon.

  2. Very few men left today made from the same cloth as Veto. It was an honor for me to serve as his pall bearer. I’ll always remember you Veto. Hey V, I’ll remember what you taught me too…”keep your nose clean and work hard”

  3. It was of great honor to have been at Vito’s service, it was very beautiful and I’ll never forget it , he will be sadly missed. We are very happy to have met Vito and his family, who are beautiful and very loving. Like little Vito said “pop i will carry your legacy on “! May you all find comfort and peace in your time of sorrow, in my thoughts and prayers.
    Will never forget you !
    I will always remember Vito and God .

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