3 thoughts on “William Foster”

  1. The service was absolutely beautiful. I was very moved by the reverence and the spirit of patriotism that was in the service. What a wonderful memory for his family to cherish to see Bill honored in this way. He served his country well. It was a mournful day, but the presentation seemed to have taken the sting out of such a sad occasion.
    Our prayers will continually be offered up in the days ahead for my sister Margie, and her family as they move forward in the reality of their loss.

  2. I am thakful for these wonderful photo’s. I could not be there to stand by my sister and her family physically, but I was there in heart and spirit. When I saw these pictures tears flowed. I felt connected. I will miss my brother in law , whom I affectionately called Bill Bill. I know he is no longer suffering and that he truly is in a better place. My heart aches for my sister Margie. She is the big sister who always tried to be strong. My prayer is that she will be able to grieve freely, let the tears flow… the help to relieve pain as it builds up, but they are prayers that our Creator, the great Comforter, hears and understands. May His peace and comfort ever surround her and his children and grandchildren, and Bill Bill’s family, and my family who loved him like a brother, and all my nieces and nephews to whom he was uncle to.❤️❤️❤️

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