5 thoughts on “Benjamin Brookes Jr”

  1. Thank you so much for such a beautiful, memorable Memorial for my husband Ben. My whole family appreciates what you all do.

        1. Yes. Is that done, or is it ok to just get prints at the local store? I am putting together an album from pictures others took and hopefully, if ok, copies of your photos. It says they are copywrited.

  2. My father was given a beautiful tribute this day. He is a wonderful man that will always be alive in our hearts. He almost gave his life a few times during his service with the Philadelphia Fire Department. We always dreaded the ringing of the phone at night when daddy was at work. And sighed a relief when he came through the door. He is a great father, one who showed us values and the right from wrong. He was and always will be our loving father. One day we’ll meet again in heaven and be whole. Until then…I miss and love him.

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